Anyone who’s had to work around a broken or sprained limb, or who’s had some sort of surgery or doctor-imposed physical restriction has, I’m sure, gone through some kind of mental gymnastics as they try to accomplish anything from making a bed to frying an egg to doing the dishes to getting dressed.

The other morning, I found myself joining this chorus, yet again, as I tried to figure out another “creative” way to prepare a meal for myself.  This has been a reoccurring challenge in daily living, brought on by my broken foot and weight bearing restrictions.  Cooking, along with a host of everyday chores that I accomplished without thinking about, now require thought, planning, plotting, maneuvering and the use of all sorts of brain power.

As I fumbled through making the meal, I muttered, “I can’t wait until I can do this stuff on my own.  I can’t wait to be independent again.”

Then it hit me, and I started to chuckle.

“Since when are you independent, Sharon,” I asked myself.  “When you’re 100 percent, in the pink, you might think you’re fully capable of doing everything for yourself.  But that’s not the case.”

The truth is that there’s never been a moment in life—healthy or injured, happy or sad, confused or confident—when any of us is independent.  None of us can make it on our own—even though we think we might be able to.  Each of us needs God because without God, we can’t do anything.   We are dependent on him for life, now and forever.

The season of Lent provides us with a time when we can remember how dependent we are on God for everything that we need for life.  It’s a time when we can reflect on how much Christ accomplished for us as he took on our sins and suffered and died so we might be forgiven and gain eternal life.  And we can recall how, each day, God makes life possible for us as he gives us everything we need to thrive.

My prayer is that you’ll join me this Lent, in this season of reflecting, thanksgiving, and realizing the greatness and the detail of God’s love and provision that results in abundant living, for us, for all time.