What’s On Your Agenda Today?

The Shell gas station on Paradise Drive in West Bend is unique because they offer a service that most stations this side of New Jersey don’t offer.   An attendant will pump your gas for you—for free—during select business hours.  It’s pretty nice—especially if you have a broken limb.

A few weeks ago, I stopped in at the station on my way to see Carol, Jim, Christa, Todd, Mike and Melanie, at Community Memorial.   An attendant came over to the car and asked if he could take care of gassing up the car.

“Absolutely.  Thank you,” I replied.  “Please fill it up with regular.”

After he began pumping the gas, he returned my credit card and asked, “So, what’s on your agenda today?”

“I’m on my way to the hospital to visit a parishioner who’s really very ill.”

“Oh.  I’d like to pray for her and her family if I could.  What’s her name?”


“I will remember her this day.”

And after making that offer, we spent a few minutes talking about God and his healing power and how there is always hope because God is who he is, and because he’s revealed himself to be a healer through Christ.

The gas pump then clicked off.  He set the nozzle in the pump, and waved as I drove away.

By asking a simple question about a daily agenda, that man gave a gift to Carol, to her family, to me.  By simply asking, “What’s on your agenda today,” he learned the things that were important to my heart and mind and spirit.  When he offered to pray for Carol, it sure made me feel great knowing that there was another person lifting her name to God, asking for healing for her.

And how cool it was to think of the number of the people he met and gave the same gift to.  Dozens and dozens during the course of the day, I bet.  And he blessed the gas-purchasing people as he learned what was on their hearts and minds and spirit, and then offered those things over to God in prayer.

That one simple question, “What’s on your agenda today,” also opened the door, in a very easy, non-threatening way, to a conversation about the faith.   I also thought that was cool!   That man had a great way of sharing a piece of the story of God and his love for each of us—of God’s power and his presence in life—of his belief that God can and would act on his prayer request.

It would be a great thing if we would take a cue from this attendant as we seek to live the life of discipleship each day.  How wonderful it would be to ask people about their day’s agenda, and then offer to include them in our daily prayers.  The possibilities for difference-making in the lives of others would be remarkably great.  Just imagine how our lives would change as we actively engage people in conversations about their lives, God and his ability to impact lives and bring blessings.  The potential for growth in discipleship—in our love for and commitment to our God would be rich and unlimited.

With so much upside to raising one simple question, it sure makes sense to ask family and friend, stranger and co-worker, “What’s on the agenda today?”