Happy New Year!

When the calendar’s turned over to September, we begin another new year at the church.  KFC and Breakfast Club classes start.  Youth Group gathers.  Wednesday evenings find adults taking a deeper dive into the Bible and exploring the faith.  The choir members warm up their beautiful voices and take to singing songs of praise to God during Sunday morning worship.

It’s an exciting time!  The activity signals a kind of reawakening in the church.  And just as the change in the calendar year brings a time for renewal, reawakening, and resolutions, I like to think the change in the church’s program calendar does the same.

Over the last several months, as I offer prayers to God for Faith, I sense God’s call of renewal that he’s extending to all of us.  I believe God’s calling us to a time of deepening faith that comes through a recommitment to him and the life of this church.  My experience would tell me that this means that God wants us to do some stretching and some reorganizing and reprioritizing and realigning our lives individually, and as his gathered people.

So as the “New Year” begins, I’d invite you to join me in engaging in those things that will draw us closer to God—those things that will strengthen our hearts for Christ—those things that will challenge each of us to step outside our faith “comfort zone” in order to accomplish even greater things for Christ.  I’d invite you to join with me in praying anew for God to reveal his call and direction for life and love and service in his name.  I’d ask you to join with me in reaffirming, and expanding, commitments to his church, so this body might be strengthened to offer an increasingly powerful witness to Christ and might be blessed to undertake even more to build his Kingdom.

Hoping you’ll accept this invitation, I am

Yours in Christ’s Service,