Both St. Paul’s and St. John’s church had a cemetery and both cemeteries are still maintained by the church. The St. John’s cemetery was located behind the present church. It since has been expanded to the south as part of Faith UCC Cemetery.

The St. Paul’s cemetery, now called the Faith UCC Cemetery in Ackerville is located where the first log church was built. It is located on Fond du Lac Drive south of Ackerville. In 1874, a new church was constructed but located on the new road. Therefore, the cemetery no longer was adjacent to the church. There was a period of time when a barnyard was adjacent to the cemetery. At that time, several members from St. Paul’s church no longer wanted to be buried in that cemetery and opted to use other area cemeteries. Now there is a golf course adjacent to the cemetery and it is a nice secluded area with several vacant gravesites.

In 1886 a sad but unusual happening was recorded for St. John’s cemetery. Maria Schuck, daughter of Peter and Susanna Schuck died at age 23. On the same day, Susann Schuck, her sister died at age 11. Both died of scarlet fever and heart failure. They were buried in one grave. While on the cemetery, the mourners were told Kathrine Schuck, age 25 also had died of the same illness.

When the Constitution for Faith UCC was drawn up, it contained Article XIII Cemeteries. Although the rest of the constitution was adopted in December of 1961, it wasn’t until several meetings later, when the article for cemeteries was approved. Questions that came up were in regard to the cemetery committee being appointed or elected, what size monuments can be placed, could siblings reserve adjoining plots, and perpetual care. It wasn’t until February, 1962, when at a congregational meeting the article was approved with votes taken on each individual paragraph. The time committed to establishing the ground rules has certainly been beneficial over the years. Both cemeteries are plotted out and there still are large areas left at both.

The first cemetery committee members appointed were Melvin Kuhaupt, Garvin Pickhard, and Earl Mechnich. In 1982, Melvin was again on the cemetery board and he was seeking some ‘younger blood’ so he asked Dan Neuburg to join the board. Dan has been on and off (following the by-laws) the board since that time. During these 30 years several members of the congregation have been part of the board.

Over the years, changes have been made to the original article in the constitution, but the constitution still contains an Article for Cemeteries along with By-Laws. The present cemetery committee consists of Dan Neuburg, JJ Markiewicz, and Dick Mayer. Among their responsibilities are showing families the available sites for burial, marking these sites, and also obtaining lawn service to maintain the cemeteries and the church grounds. For many years church members would maintain the lawns. Now church members are asked to assist with a spring clean-up, but the cutting is done by a lawn service. A good portion of funds collected each year goes toward maintaining the lawns.

Occasionally there will be inquiries from families seeking information on their ancestors and they all reference their relative was buried on one of our church cemeteries. The cemetery truly becomes a connection to our past and gives us opportunity to connect with people out of the area.