The Choir at Faith UCC had its beginnings in the 1960’s as a Youth Choir led by Doris Melius. Performances were during worship service and for the Christmas Eve children’s program. Christmas caroling was another activity begun by the Youth Choir. The current director, Rita Melius, became choir director and organist in 1966. Since then the choir has faithfully participated in worship during the calendar year from Rally Day in September until Pentecost or Mother’s Day in May. Membership in the choir fluctuates from about 9 to 13 members. The current choir has 5 sopranos, Judy Nehm, Marilyn Nadelhoffer, Laurie Stretz, Judy Schowalter, Samantha Reinders; 3 altos, Cathy Schmidt, Sandy Neuburg, Barb Markiewicz; 1 tenor, Jim Sachse; and 2 basses, Paul Melius, Michael Sachse.

In the early years of Faith UCC, the choir participated in joint services with St. Peters and Freidens/Peace while we were yoked congregations. The choir has been involved in several special performances. While Rev. Schultz was pastor, he was invited to preach for a televised service at WTMJ in Milwaukee. The choir was invited to accompany him and sing some hymns during the service. When Rev.Deborah Bartelt was called as our Pastor, she invited the choir to perform at her ordination service in Campbellsport. When Rev. Heinbuch passed away, the Heinbuch family invited the choir to perform at his funeral. The choir learned the Halleluia Chorus from the “Messiah” and performed it during the Christmas season.

The choir continued the custom of Christmas caroling for shut-ins in the congregation. That activity has now passed to the Youth Group. Choir members continue to participate in the Ecumenical Thanksgiving service and the Ecumenical service in January. The choir provided music for the Christmas Eve children’s service for many years. Beginning in 2010, the choir members have taken on the Christmas Cookie Sale as a fund-raising activity.

Worshipping God through our ministry of music is the reason the members are devoted to the Choir. Also, we like to sing. We are always ready to welcome anyone who has a desire to join us in this ministry.