As we continue to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Faith, we focus on the Dartball Team this month. Although the Dartball team may not have a history going back 50 years, there has been a Dartball team for over forty years. We know Rev Heinbuch, who was a great sports enthusiast, was part of the team when he was pastor at the church. Dartball offers a time of fellowship along with good competition. It is multi-generational and over the years there have been several father-son members on the team and in recent years some husband-wife players and now a father-daughter are part of the current team.

The Dartball team is part of the Wauzaukee League and they play their games on Monday evenings during the Fall and Winter months. Over the course of a season, they will play each church team at home and away. In early March, there is a weekend tournament and later that month the annual banquet is held at Circle B.

Although the team may not always be too successful, they always seem to generate an evening filled with laughter and good fellowship. They have been known to ring the church bells late in the evening when they have had a successful series of games.
Dan Neuburg is the captain of the team and he is always looking for additional players.