The past several months we have looked at various groups and functions in the life of Faith UCC. Now as we begin to wrap up our 50th Anniversary year, we will turn to more of the physical changes to the building; the renovations that have happened since the churches were merged.

Back in 1962 when the buildings were merged the interiors of the individual churches remained with a new ten foot transition to blend the buildings. The altar section from St. John’s remained. The pews from St. Paul’s were moved forward into the new transition area and the section at the back of St. Paul’s became space for two Sunday School classrooms.

The architect had designed the building to accommodate a corner altar, but first the congregation would pay off the debt of merging the buildings. The first mention of remodeling the interior was at a meeting in May of 1966, only four years after the dedication of the merged church.

A committee was appointed at the annual meeting in 1967 to look into remodeling and the Bogner architectual firm was contracted in May to draw up plans. These plans were presented to the congregation in December of that year. It was decided to ask the members for pledges to fund this project and until $25,000 in pledges were received, work would not begin.

The project was put on hold early in 1968 for a variety of reasons. Rev Maschmeier was leaving and pledges had not reached the $25,000 mark. Also during this time period, the Jackson-Slinger larger parish was formed. The remodeling project remained in committee until 1969.

In April of 1969 the congregation voted to move forward with the project and to borrow the money from the bank to cover the costs. Norman Doll, from Slinger, was the contractor hired to do the remodeling project. The cost for this remodeling project was $36,000. Our current entry was added and the exterior steps at the back of St. Paul’s church now became our entry steps. The circle window taken from the front of the St. Paul’s church would now have a new home.

Two men, dedicated to the merger of the two churches, had died in separate, tragic accidents not related to the church project. The altar, pulpit, and lectern were given in memory of Robert Pickhard and the large wooden cross above the altar was given in memory of Fred Endres. Dedication for the completed project was held on June 28, 1970.

The structural work was now completed but the pews remained a blend of pews from the two churches. In 1971, Mr. & Mrs. Christ Mayer donated additional pews they were able to get from the Dheinsville Church. In 1983 a pew committee was formed and special offerings were received on three different Sundays to help fund the project. The new pews were installed on September 12, 1983 at a cost of just over $10,000. Many volunteers helped with the assembly and installation of the pews.

The original blue-green carpeting was changed in the 90’s. The PA controls were moved from under the steps (behind the choir) to the cloak room. Next month we will look at the latest changes including the office area and the elevator addition.