steeple_off Moving St. Paul’s Building

This page is about the physical move of the St. Paul’s church building to the location of the St. John’s church building. The two buildings were then blended together to become the basis for the current Faith UCC church building.

Back in the late 1950’s St. Paul’s church, located south of Ackerville, was exploring options to add a basement to their church and enlarge their facility. At the same time just four miles away, St. John’s was hoping to make improvements on their basement. For years the two congregations had been sharing a minister. When the township wouldn’t give St. Paul’s a building permit to update their building at their current location south of Ackerville, discussions started about merging the congregations.

The St. Paul’s annual meeting minutes from January 8, 1961 indicate after St. John’s annual meeting, they came to St. Paul’s with the motion they had approved. The motion by Christ Mayer and seconded by Melvin Kuhaupt was to welcome St. Paul’s congregation if arrangements satisfactory to both congregations can be worked out. There will be mutual benefits to both churches if we would merge, and agree to meet together to discuss future plans.

During the next several weeks a Building Committee was elected comprised of Robert P. as chair, Robert N. as secretary, and Edward M. and Fred E. as members. Frank S. was elected as treasurer for the building project. Weekly meetings with the Building Committee and the Jt Consistories were held with various options considered. At a joint congregational meeting on February 12, 1961, input was gathered from the congregation members. Sixteen people submitted blank papers; six indicated a new building; and forty one wanted to move the St. Paul’s building. The following Sunday, February 19, 1961, at another joint congregational meeting, a motion was made by Fred E. and seconded by Clarence P. that the church be moved now. The motion passed with 48 in favor, 13 opposed, and 2 blank ballots.

At that February 19th meeting, chairman Bob announced they would start removing brick on Tuesday and all are welcome to help. The final service in the St. Paul church was held on Thursday, February 23rd. The site was deconsecrated and “returned to the Lord for whatever the future may hold” according to Rev. Maschmeier, their pastor.