As we continue to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Faith, we focus on Youth Ministry this month. Some youth group members, who participated in the ministry a while ago, and some youth group members who participated in the ministry recently, shared their memories about Youth Group:

“I can remember being active in the youth fellowship and doing many rewarding things. Going to Black River Falls to the Indian Mission, helping the elderly of our church, bobbing for apples at a get together.”

“Back in the 60’s and early 70’s the youth activities were held jointly with Peace UCC in Jackson. However during this time period, Doris Melius directed a youth choir and this became the main activity for the church youth at Faith. They would meet each week to practice and would sing a selection each Sunday during worship. This group would also do Christmas caroling in December followed with a gathering at Schillings to warm up over their woodburning furnace grate.

In the later 70’s and early 80’s, as the number of youth of high school age increased, the group became more active. The partnership with Peace continued and each month the group would meet. There would be a devotional time led by a couple of the youth members, a program or activity, followed by refreshments provided by a couple of the youth. A yearly schedule was established giving each youth a chance to lead devotions or bring refreshments.”

“One of my favorite memories from the youth group was the lock-in at church. We played so many games. It was so fun!”

“I really liked serving at the Gathering. It really opened my eyes and I realized how blessed we are. The “guests” were very thankful for the food and shelter. One guest gave $0.35 for a donation. She was determined to pay for her meal. She now is a volunteer at the Gathering.”