Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
Kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya
Oh Lord, kumbaya

 Kumbaya—Come By Here, My Lord—is a song many of us learned in Sunday School or at camp.  Some might think of it as a song for kids, but it really does communicate our fundamental need for God’s presence in the midst of our lives.  This is particularly true when we are faced with uncertainty or challenges along life’s way.

Events of this last month have provided evidence of our desire to have God near.   Spend any amount of time in waiting rooms, hallways, and ICUs, at places like Froedtert and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, and you’ll see anxious faces of loved ones praying for positive results of tests, treatments and procedures.

Perhaps prayers for God’s presence are offered in hospitals than in any other place on the planet because sometimes being there with a loved one can be one wild, if not terrifying, ride.  We want to know that all will be well, so turning to the One who makes all things well—no matter what the outcome–makes perfect sense.

God is trustworthy.  God is powerful.  God intervenes—always for our ultimate blessing.  God is reliable.  God redeems and loves and offers mercy and grace to his children.  So when we cry, “Kumbaya, My Lord” he will.

Knowing how God responds to our Kumbaya appeals, just think what would happen if we would ramp up those appeals in more of the circumstances of life.  Imagine how God would work his power, and make his presence known if we called upon him to Kumbaya:

  • To help this congregation as we reach out and share the Gospel with those who do not know Christ;
  • When we are grateful for answered prayers;
  • To bridge divisions between: disciples in the church; races; political parties; the rich, middle class and poor;
  • To change our focus in faith—from wanting our own needs met, to looking to Christ and following his lead.
  • When we appreciate all God’s good gifts and are overwhelmed by those blessings.
  • As the Church universal seeks to find its way and serve Christ faithfully in these times of major shifts in society
  • To calm our anxious fears about the church, its work and future.

Kumbaya, Our Lord, Kumbaya!