Confirmation is the chance for youth to affirm the baptism vows their parents made for them when they were younger.  It’s the chance to say “I’m in!” when it comes to following Jesus and living as he’s called us to live.  It’s their moment to claim the faith for themselves and take responsibility for following and serving and loving Christ in their lives in this community of faith.  As of this writing, Jamie, Patrick, and Andrew plan to make this commitment to Christ. 

This year’s confirmation class will share their faith statements with the congregation Sunday, May 17 during the worship service.  Your support of class members that Sunday, hearing their stories of their journey of faith so far, is a gift to them.

The Rite of Confirmation will be administered during the worship service Sunday, May 31.  Please note the new date for Confirmation, so we all might join together in welcoming these newest, full members, into the life of Faith Church.